I am walking in my thoughts,

through dried bushes and grasses,

even the river is no longer running;

when a whistling noise attracted

my attention, then there was another,

and I feel the air displacement

of a bird flying by at great speed;

I turn round to see a whole flock

of Swallows flying incredibly fast

at head height over the bushes,

banking sharply and turning back again.

I stand mesmerized, watching these little birds

racing through the air,

then turning back.

then I moved on returning to

walking in my thoughts.


2 thoughts on “Thoughts

  1. Must have been an amazing sight Charles!! You seem to have had a similar experience to me recently. I got to see a murmuration of starlings above a busy city street a few days ago. I never knew they did that in a city. It was absolutely beautiful, went on for over an hour. Amazing that they can keep up flying for so long! 😀

    • Yes it is, to think that these little Swallows have flown right down Africa from Europe! but birds generally seem to be able to just fly and fly, Seeing a whole flock of birds is also always spectacular. I think birds are acclimatizing themselves to cities. Thanks, Charles.

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