The texture of silence

The silence is noisy,

confused in the sudden darkness,

but the moon is big

the bed is comfortable

soon I am dreaming

of another better world

that we are slowly on

the way towards;

then wump,

the electricity is on,

action begins and

the better world is forgotten.

At the moment is South Africa we are undergoing Load shedding by our electricity supply  producer Escom, each day each area has its electricity interrupted for between 2 and 2 and half hours, this apparently is going to carry on for at least 5 years! It is Genevieve and my 6th wedding anniversary and we had just sat down at a really nice restaurant to have our celebratory supper, when off the electricity went. The restaurant had a generator which they started up, and gave us a menu with the dishes they could still cook. We had a very enjoyable meal, and on our desert plates they wrote in chocolate Happy wedding anniversary, so a good romantic time was had under candle light. At home we rested on our bed for about 20 minutes before the electricity came back on.


8 thoughts on “The texture of silence

  1. I can’t imagine how annoying that is going to be – five years!!! 😯 At least your celebratory meal wasn’t ruined, but it would have been better the other way round – lights on during meal time, lights off at bedtime! 😀 Happy Anniversary Charles!!

    • Thanks Suzy; the whole shape of our our lives now revolves around when there will and wont be power, I guess we will just have to get used to that, as well as protests in Parliament, and armed guards man handling people out of the building. Thanks for the wishes, and hope that the next copy of the magazine is coming together well. Best wishes and blessings, Charles.

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