R.I.P. Andre P. Brink.

Humbled by the struggles,

revolt and great writing,

our mountain stood firm

creating the space for

our literary creations.

Andre P, Brink has died at the age of 78, he was a great Afrikaans writer, who like his fellow Sestigers (60ers, a movement of Afrikaans poets and novelist) stood against the system of Apartheid, and wrote many great works against the Apartheid State. he was outcast by Afrikaans society, so worked at English universities, first at Rhodes in Grahamstown and then Alternate Professors of English at University of Cape Town, alternating with J. M. Coetsee. he wrote many novels and some plays, He sometimes wrote in Afrikaans and then translated into English, but sometimes wrote in English only, or translated into Afrikaans later. He admits that a few books he alternated with a different language each chapter then translating as he went.


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