Something by George Harrison.

As it is Valentines day and because I love this wonderful love song, one of George Harrison’s songs that was a hit for the Beatles, and then later for Shirley Basse, I have decided to blog it. I have found the great performance of it that he did at the Concert for Bangladesh in 1971. He had a great band behind him including Eric Clapton, Leon Russell, Ringo Star, Bill Preston and his usual backing band. He and Indian Sitarist Ravi Shankar had come together in 1971 to create a concert to help the people of the fledgling state of Bangladesh ( formerly East Pakistan), which was war ravaged, with much of the population starving due to late monsoon rains, and the fact that farmers, because of the war had not been able to plant crops. They worked with the United Nations, Unisef organisation, who used the money made to help the people. The concert was a huge success, and with the help of the record and the wonderful film made of the event, has helped Unisef, fund many other human disasters as well. It became a bench mark for this kind of event, and showed that artists could indeed help bring peace and understanding to the world. It was also, later used as the model for The Bands, Last Waltz concert. The song Bangladesh, the last song in the concert, where all the guests and the band come together to sing this great anthem, became the first live performance to become a hit on both sides of the Atlantic. So happy Valentine’s day to you all, enjoy this great song, sung by my favorite Beatle , and brought you with thanks to mac3076b and YouTube:


2 thoughts on “Something by George Harrison.

  1. One of the first bass lines I endeavored to learn from a Beatles record was this one – “Something.” McCartney’s melodious magic carried an already great song to even greater heights 🙂 Thanks for the reminder! Peace . . .

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