Dreamscape: the tale.

Eyes flicker off,

head falls back,

I look up with a start,

the courser has not moved,

as I stare a the blank screen,

hoping words will appear,

as the seat begins to

hurt my backside;

I squirm and want to

run for for the soft luxury of my bed,

but no!

I fight the tiredness

and the discomfort;

slowly the screen

begins to fill with words

that tell a tale,

of being in a troubled time,

of beauty stretching back to

some beginning that had no beginning,

but has been plundered

rebuilt, reused, destroyed,

but still hovers in the dream

of this aching tiredness

that is telling this tale.


16 thoughts on “Dreamscape: the tale.

    • Hi Wendy, thanks I sometimes think that I am drawing the art of writing, to explain the art in a different way. I have also tried to build up collages using words, maybe I think in an artist way, rather than a writers way, perhaps that makes sense as my mother was an artist, and we used to paint and draw together, and I still draw and paint a bit, I hope to build up a collage with the poem being part of the picture, but that’s for the future, maybe after I retire and have more time. I love your blog and always look to see if there is a drawing or photo. Best wishes and blessings, Charles.

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