Mood Indigo by Erik Lotichius

For my upcoming birthday (25th February) I bought some Cd’s on a sale, I knew of the composers; I just took a flyer and tried them out, and liked them all a lot. One of the Cd’s featured the music of Erik Lotichius (born 1929), he was composing music even when he was still at school, then study in various European conservatories as well. He was very moved early on in his music career, after attending a concert of Bartok’s Concerto for Orchestra, and was inspired by the coming of the minimalist’s, never having followed the Avant-garde or atonality. His music is rich, simple melodic, but has lots to listen to. The Cd I bought features his Symfonieta for strings, Piano Concerto no.2, and four songs on Native American poetry. The music here are excerpts from his Cd Mood Indigo, which gives you an interesting part out of all three works on that Cd, enjoy, and thanks to parmarecordings and Youtube: 


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