A birthday dream

I lay down in soft startlingly green grass

next to a slow flowing broadening in the river

and mused under a great tree,

which provided some dappled shade,

wondering about life, all those that I love,

the harshness of a society that seemed

so alien to me, and yet I had to fit into,

and I noted some butterflies floating

in colourful harmony over this grove

and from the edge of the bushes

a rustling caught my gaze as a tear

ran out of the corner of my eye;

were two timid rheebokke checking,

smelling then making their way

confidently over to drink and graze:

Heart in mouth, amazed I looked on

not wanting to move or chase these beautiful

buck away, and the butterflies still

flitted joyously about, and I thought

how gracious is this natural life,

how good it would be to be an individual in nature

and find other individuals in nature

that could come together to help nature

survive the greed of the world into which

I was trying to fit; and I knew I had to fit

so that I could stay alive,

and be with my true love,

and help to provide for us,

torn; tears rolled down my face,

slowly I felt better, stronger,

went over to the water

wading in and immersing myself,

walking out smiling; wet,

and started to walk back down

the hill, following the path

that had taken me to that special glade,

then getting into my car to drive home,

and tell my wife about my birthday adventure

up on the foothills of the Constantiaberg.

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