The eye of the stream.

Water is bubbling up through the ground;

running off down the slope,

taking some of the ground soil with it,

slowly cutting into the ground

forming its own passage,

as it picks up pace,

running into gullies,

swirling, then moving slowly through pools,

down into the wet land,

full of rushes sedge’s and other water plants,

being purified, some sinking into the bog,

and then running on down towards

the vlei and the see,

now along its path,

it runs under a road,

which has cut the wetland in two,

neither part working quite as well as

in the past, parts of it even run

in very polluted concrete canals,

or even in underground pipes

which run the waters into the vleis,

the rivers carry on;

running as they used to,

and as all the exotic water hungry

trees get removed, so the waters increase,

but damage to the environment and

to the wet lands continue,

the waters reach the vlies dirty

and differently to how the system

began, so problems of algae blooms

and overflowing are beginning to

affect the vleis and the sea,

which is having an adverse

affect on the aquatic life

of the vleis and the sea.

How we have managed to

damage these great beautiful

water ways, and much else in this world

is beyond comprehension.


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