All around my hat: by Steeleye Span.

Here’s one of those wonderful feelgood pieces that gets into your head, and stays there. It was their biggest hit, and came out in 1975 (Mike Batt produced the LP). The group itself had started in 1969,and brought out their first LP. in1971. The group, like the better known Fairport Convention and Lindisfarne, concentrated on singing traditional English folk tunes. The band has had many personnel changes over the years, but has stayed true to its roots, though as time went on they began to write and record their own songs as well. Their only other real hit was called Gaudette. and came out before All around my had. So please relax for the next few minutes, and enjoy this goody, brought to us with thanks for Hollowmoor and YouTube.


2 thoughts on “All around my hat: by Steeleye Span.

  1. I remember this, lovely song, haven’t heard it for quite a while. Mike Bat produced some good singers and musicians all those years ago! In recent years he’s produced Katie Melua, so he’s still in business and still producing some very talented people. 🙂

    • Yes Mike Bat has done some fantastic work, and yes Katie Melua is one of the post ’80’s singer song writers that I really love. Enjoy the weekend, Charles. 🙂 .

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