Red disk

A dusty red disk hangs

in the stifling air,

the mountains outline dissolves

into the plume of smoke

boiling up from the burning

bushes and grasses,

leaving a chard moonscape

in its wake, and the sun

is huge and red through the smoke.

Today the fire which started on Sunday burned out of control, having destroyed an informal settlement and six houses so far, at the moment it is running down the Constantiaberg, not far from us, you can see the huge flames, and sometimes even hear the roaring of the fire. It was one of the hottest days ever today going up to just over 42C, unusual for here, which has a very moderate climate. The sun this evening was glowing red, just as if there was an eclipse.


6 thoughts on “Red disk

    • Hi Catnip, thanks for the comment, the sight was spectacular, even awesome, but the destruction and hardship that it caused was immense, so almost a type of emotional grieving, that created a moment of wonder and beauty. 8 Baboons were killed, lots of smaller animals, an informal settlement of several hundred shacks was completely destroyed and about 8 houses. It appears that our Government refused to let the countries armed forces fight the fire as some sort of a retribution against the people of the Cape, as this is the only province and city not under their rule, all rather petty. Oh dear I’m rambling on, so let me wish you all the best and many blessings, Charles. 🙂

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