Time rushes by …


always rushing in our cars,

even on foot,

not looking up at the paling grey grandeur

that surrounds us,

not worried by the birds

who circle with nothing to eat,

just trying to keep abreast of our lives,

not worried by anything not central to it,

on we rush to join the great queues of other rushers,

at the shops, while smoke still rises

from the forest,

just above the highest

of the houses,

and helicopters pound south

with hanging buckets of water

ready to put out another outbreak

of shooting flames,

and I walk slowly round

Tokai lower forest park,

in the soft sand, imbibing the plant life,

watching a shrew scurrell away,

and a kestrel gliding

over the tops of the bushes,

landing and flying back into the trees

with the odd flap of the wings,

and I smile in the slowness

of this natural world,

and the people walking by

smile back, we greet each other

starting a short conversation;

better than being in a car,

rushing, always rushing.

8 thoughts on “Time rushes by …

    • Thanks for the comment, life really seems to fly by, so try and make time at least once a week as a slow day. (no watch, walks in the wild, things that I don’t normally have time for) I’m sure it is a lot harder with a family, but perhaps there are ways to involve the family in the idea. Best wishes and blessings, Charles.

    • Thanks Sylvia, I think the idea was good, but still think the poem is a bit rough, needs a bit of work. Have a great, not so rushed week, best wishes and blessings, Charles.

  1. Even between all the hustle 7 bustle – I make a point to take some deep breaths. My kids notice beauty in nature & point it out to me. I guess – they are learning to appreciate the little things in life too. 😉

    • Hi Rosy thanks for the all the likes and the comments. When I was young, I used to spend time looking for insects in the garden , and things like frogs, i never really grew out of it, so enjoy nature. Best wishes and blessings Charles

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