Cream : Sleepy time time.

Last nights poem, I called Sleepy time time, after the Creams song; so thought I would blog it for you all. The Cream were one of the first of the so called super groups, with Jack Bruce (a multi- instrumentalist) playing bass, doing most of the singing and playing the harmonica (including this track, with his wife) and wrote most of the music; he was one of he great rock bassists of the time. Eric Clapton on Guitar and backing vocals, (wrote one or two of the cream songs) and Ginger Baker one of the greatest of the rock drummers, who went on stage with an enormous drum kit. Bruce, also being a guitarist used to try and play Clapton off the stage, lifting his guitar playing to greater heights, with the incredibly powerful and energetic Baker keeping the music focused and driving forward. More about this great band at another stage, here is their original recording of the song, brought to you with thanks from BryterLayter and You Tube. :


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