A walk in the rain.

A little rain fell today,

and I walked in it,

feeling the coolness

of the sifting drops,

smelling the dust

start to moisten,

seeing my surrounding

chard mountains

disappearing behind

a grey vale of rain and mist

and I took joy in it

feeling the tensions

of the past few weeks

slowly dissolve in the

rhythm of my steps,

and I smiled at the world

and through the drops

it smiled back in peace.


11 thoughts on “A walk in the rain.

    • Had to write it it has been so hot (42C the other day) and dry, and there have been major fires on the mountains, so the rain was so wonderful and reviving, also been reading and liking your poetry; it inspires me, best wishes and blessings, Charles.

    • Thanks Melanie, it is a poem that I enjoyed writing, and feel close to it, have been reading poems on your blog, which I liked a lot especially Johnny unfiltered, what a sad but poignant poem, there are many like him in this country too, I did military training, but got myself thrown out, so fortunately never saw action. Best wishes and blessings, Charles.

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