On beauty; No. 1.

Keen air is biting my being,

drying my skin,

it is keeping me awake

so that I can write,

read and grow into tomorrows:

A meditation for the soul,

leading to the beauty of life.


4 thoughts on “On beauty; No. 1.

    • Hi Suzy, thanks for the comment, I’m sure soon those wonderful breezes will flow over you and will will be thrill to have a third issue of your e-mag, have just been entranced by no.2, and have more to read, yummy! Best wishes and blessings, Charles. 🙂 .

    • Hi Sharon, is it really that warm in Florida at the moment, I will try blow some your way … but I fear you live to far away. Always looking forward to seeing another of your wonderful paintings, is your new way of blogging working well for you? Best wishes, a little keen breeze and lots of blessings, Charles.

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