Dear future husband

An interesting and powerful piece.

Being Chantal

You want to impress me with being a gangster, living that thug life- Don’t bother. I’ve lived the thug life. No- not the glamorous kind. The kind where you actually wish that some of your loved ones would die, so that there could be enough food to go around. 

Not the thug life,  because you wear a shirt on Instagram that says #thuglife.  The real life were three of us were running, and I saw my best friend trip and got shot in the head. Dead. The thug life where you lay on that floor because if they hear you breathe it might be you that’s dead next.

You want to impress me with money, grand cars and who you know- Don’t even bother. I know money, I know what’s it like to live in the top hotels in Switzerland and London.  I drove cars you would never be able to…

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