Modern communications.

In a restaurant eating breakfast,

drinking coffee, reading,

surrounding by couples,

with there noses buried deep

in their cell phone,

and not a word between them,

what a shame;

where has today’s communications

abilities got us to!



10 thoughts on “Modern communications.

  1. Quite sad….Me and mine make a point of not looking at our cells when we are out together. We have REAL conversations. I am not old school. My business relies on me checking my cell a lot, but if you cannot find time to spend with the people you love and enjoy, life has no meaning. Just put them away!

    • Yes, it is alarming how many people met up and then spend the time on their cell phones, pity, I switch it off, or ignore it. Best wishes and blessings, Charles.

  2. Yes, it is getting more and more like that – strange way to live. 😦

    Thanks for the link to that poetry blog Charles, it looks very interesting and I’ve saved it to get back to sometime. I haven’t moderated your comment on there as I try not to have links showing to blogs if I can help it as some then think it’s a place to leave links in comments to advertise their blog – I’ve had a few of those already – not even poetry or creative writing related. Amazing how few people read the submission guidelines! Anyway, thanks for your help – it much very appreciated! 🙂

    • Hi Sarah, sorry I was so exited that without thinking I sent it incorrectly, next time I will send in the proper way, if you like father delete the message, and I will send the address of the blog again through the appropriate channel. Best wishes and blessings, Charles.

      • Oh, it’s no problem sending it in a comment Charles, either way will do. It’s just any comments with links in it to another boggers blog on The Writing Garden I try not to show those, because otherwise bloggers who are new to the magazine think it’s somewhere to leave a public links. I’ve already had a two or three do that. They weren’t even poetry or creative writing blogs. I don’t think they read the details on the leave a link page at all!! Never mind, we all misunderstand things at times. So I don’t mind where you leave it Charles, I just wanted you to know I was very pleased at the link but just can’t show it. But I have saved it in the dashboard in order to remind me to get back to it sometime – thanks very much, you’ve been very helpful! 🙂

  3. Thanks, Paris seems to be slowly disappearing at the moment, but there is some very good poetry over the past year. At the same time my internet link went down, my car broke down, and I only got it back today as well, just to help things along I had a bad flair up of my Austio-Arthritis in my hips, so generally had rather a painful Easter weekend, hope yours was better. Have a great weekend, Charles.

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