Lights out

Lights out for an hour,
sitting in the gloom;
all is quiet, the neighbors
come out into the light of the complex
chatting in subdued voices,
wishing each other well
as they head on their way;
still it is dark and quiet,
and I wonder if this
is not too little to late;
beginning to pray for the world,
all the ecosystems, the plants,
the animals, and all us humans,
I realize, that things have to change,
right from the way we think and act
to the way we are educated,
and that God and spirituality
has to be brought back into
our lives in a more meaningful way,
then, yes from this international,
one hour of no lights,
we can move forward
to save our planet;
then it is 9 and we all
switch our lights back on
and watch a movie on the TV.

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