There are many burning questions
floating around in ones soul,
some easy, some difficult,
there are lots of answers:
there is such a weight of questions,
that one has difficulty to hear them,
and in choosing an answer to them,
often we are swayed by the fashions
of the day, just as often these
are unfortunate answer leading us
on a journey that is wrong for us.
so listen carefully, and think what
you want and what God wants,
know the various scriptures
and you will answer all the
great questions and
start on a new journey
of discovery, finding beauty
happiness, love, peace and fortitude,
in so doing you will have
taken a major step towards God,
and the saving of the world.


6 thoughts on “Questions

    • Thanks Chantal, I enjoyed writing this though parts came with some difficulty. I have published some poems and travel pieces in periodicals, and have done many readings, but have never published a book. I have written a draft of a novel, but it needs a huge amount of work before it is ready for publication. Just at the moment, I am concentrating on my poetry, and this blog. Best wishes and blessings, Charles.

      • You’ve accomplished so much! Wow! AMazing! ! 😃😃😃 I look forward to your book being published in future. Your blog is lovely, as I’ve told you before. Blessings to Gen and yourself!

      • Thanks Chantal, I enjoy the blog, it takes up several hours a night, so only sleep about 5 hours a day. The book like many South African stories is a bit grisly and sad, but once you’ve read it you will have a good idea of Troyeville in the bad old days. I always wish there was more time for the blog and the novel and various other projects, that i want to get started with. Best wishes and blessings, Charles.

    • Hi Sarah, that’s alright, I am also very behind, as my internet link went down on the 5th, and has just been restored now, so am also catching up, best wishes and blessings, Charles.

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