The hawk

While walking home from work

I was fascinated, to see

there, not very high above me

a great hawk, with it’s yellow beak,

tawny brown feathers floating

seemingly aimlessly through the air,

until, a whole big group

of smaller birds of various species,

began to attack the big bird,

who suddenly came to life,

rising sharply, and at great speed,

then leveling out,

the small birds having dispersed

after the great bird had risen;

soon it was out of sight,

and I felt I had experienced 

something special in those moments.


2 thoughts on “The hawk

  1. You did Charles!! 😀 I’m not sure what you would officially call that – I’m sure birdwatchers would know. Self preservation maybe? I think Hawks do eat other small birds. They were probably attacking it in order to frighten it away. Not your everyday occurrence for bird sightings although for the birds it might be.

    I recently saw a murmuraton of starlings, where they all fly together in a great mass, a swirling dance in the sky. And it happened in the city where I live over one of tto he busiest shopping high-streets in the city centre. I was amazed, I thought they only did that in the countryside. My brother looked up some info on starlings doing that very thing, and it appears even though it looks beautiful and bird watchers love to see it, it’s actually not for fun, it’s because there is a Peregrine Falcon nearby, waiting and hoping to eat one of them! A few years ago some bird specialists encouraged Peregrine Falcons nest in the city to help keep the pigeons from over producing (they will eat them too). It seems there are only a few cities in the world that have done that, and now have regular occurrences of starling murmurations (Rome being one of them) and now little old Norwich has it too! What I found fascinating was the fact that everyone views it as beautiful when in reality it’s not beauty at all, the starlings are blending together to make themselves larger and imposing to frighten the Falcon so they don’t die.

    I just watched a video where a Falcon catches a large Canada Goose and eats it – horrible to see, but amazing it would go for such a large bird!

    So these moments like you witnessed are quite inspiring – there are worlds within our world and wars rule, and self survival seems to be at the route of it all. If only we or any living being didn’t need to eat, it would be such a different world!

    • Hi Suzy, Have seen this kind of thing in the air a few times (in Johannesburg as well) it is unsettling, but at the same time it is part of the rhythm of life. It is great that birds of prey are to be seen in towns like Norwich and Cape Town. Best wishes and blessings, Charles.

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