Day dreaming at night!

Thinking of so many things,

and tired; almost falling

onto the keyboard:

Darkness surrounds my

little puddle of light,

as I type on defiantly

and slowly come back

from this lethargy,

which stole away the ideas,

and the music of my mind.

Now I sit sore backside,

but not holding out,

as it is time to

put change out there

for all to see, so that

we can move forward

to a better place,

where all peoples

will be truly equal,

and have empathy,

understanding and love

for both the people and the earth,

and that all Gods messengers will

all be understood and revered

as it should be.


5 thoughts on “Day dreaming at night!

    • Thanks Christy, I am getting back to normal again after loosing my internet for a week, and somehow not being able to write over this period either. The electricity is going off at 10 pm so am racing to be done before that. Best wishes and blessings, Charles.

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