Troubled sleep.

Struggling against a multitude of voices,

calling forth pictures, stories and ideas,

all fighting to be heard and told,

but my mind is shutting down stuttering

into the searing cold of the night,

where thousands sleep under cardboard

on silent, lighted roads snaking

through the turbulence of my mind,

as I strive to set out the problems of

our racing society that has no

time and no idea of all the

fragile souls walking these

bustling uncaring streets,

looking for some spark

of peace in a new land,

and my fingers stick to the keyboard,

as troubled I fold into sleep.


4 thoughts on “Troubled sleep.

  1. a captivating piece, charles. i’ve been working down at the liesbeek river a few times this week. there are at least five pockets of homeless people living there in between the shrubs and in a culvert. they’ve been warned several times that when the rains come, the river reaches over all their homes. all will be washed away. desperate times.

    • Yes there is so much poverty and such a lack of land that more and more people are ending up living in environmentally delicate areas prone to flooding. As a community we have to start working together and finding news ways around the problems of housing and poverty, but, oh where to start?

  2. Excellent Charles, I really love this one! Troubling times can cause havoc with sleep. I have learned some tricks over the years with my mind to fool it into sleep, but it doesn’t always work. There are so many places in the world with great problems, especially overflowing with visitors. There have been many people move into the area where I live from Poland and many other European countries we’re beginning to see a housing crisis. I’m sure governments allow these things to happen just to create a lot of unhappy people. Unhappy people can be so easily manipulated. 😦

    • Yes sometimes these decisions come back to bite them, with all the problems of Xenophobia we have been having the Government is a t last reacting after several African countries ask our Ambassadors to leave their countries. Now belated the Government is trying to sort out this terrible crisis, which they have conveniently ignored for three weeks! I work very long hours, which normally gets me to sleep quickly. Best wishes and blessings, Charles.

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