~We Are Beautiful~

In quite agree, so please read this well written piece.

Peace of My Heart

My name is Valerie Deaune Rutledge. I am 33. I am 5’5…on a good day. I weigh somewhere between 120 & 130 pounds, I think. My clothing size varies depending on the number of carbs I’ve consumed on any given day. Stretch marks decorate the sides of my hips where my body strained under the pressure of carrying my children. My cheeks are dimpled, and I ain’t talking about the ones above my neck. There is a single age spot on my face. It’s right next to the wrinkles that feather out from the corners of my eyes, proof that I smile often & laugh easily. I have deep lines across my forehead, reminders of the times I’ve lain awake at night with worry. I have knobby knees, scaly elbows & not-so-white teeth from TOO MUCH COFFEE.

Why would I share these things with you, these personal details that most would consider flaws? Because I…

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