A dream of peace.

No more war is what to strive for,

peace has many layers

as it is a strong word,

used in many senses

including that there be justice,

but there is also the inner peace

for which we strive,

the peace that begins

our movement toward God,

in this relaxed state of being

one acknowledges all,

moving towards outer peace,

helping bring an end to all

the terrible troubles of the world,

helping bring and prayer for that

outer peace that the world so needs

saving the environment,

bring understanding in diversity,

helping stop all forms of violence,

bringing all the meanings of peace to one.


6 thoughts on “A dream of peace.

    • Thanks Elle, yes but it can be so elusive in our very fast flowing, complicated and noisy society, but maybe we will all get there, including me. Best wishes and blessings, Charles.

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