Rod McKuen. She

I picked up a copy of Mckuen’s poetry collection In Someone’s shadow (London:  Michael Joseph, 1969), and the last section is entitled “songs”, and one of them brought back good memories, it is dedicated to Anne and Glenn Yarbrough (fellow folk singers, who also recorded it)

McKuen was born on the 29th of April 1933, dying recently on the 29th January 2015, he grew up in California and ran away from home aged 11, as his mother had married his stepfather who was alcoholic and abusive, he did a whole string of jobs, always sending money home to his mother. To make up for the fact that he got very little formal education, he started keeping a journal, which slowly turned to poetry, which he started reading it in San Francisco. After a while he started setting the poems to music and singing. He moved to New York, where he started writing theme music for TV shows and films, while there he discovered the music of French singer songwriter Jacques Brell,  which he popularized in the English speaking world, and started to model his music on Brell’s, with the influence particularly evident in Season in the sun. On his records he some times sang and sometime spoke the poem to music. He also wrote 4 symphonies, several concerto’s, chamber works and oratorios.  Here for your enjoyment is She, from his sixth volume of poetry brought to you with thanks from philsmusic1000 and YouTube:


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