Daydreaming of you

Many things remind me of you,

as I work away through the day,

and there you are in front

of my imagination smiling,

coxing me on to better things,

but I stop and admire you there

starting an internal conversation

that goes on in my day dream world,

as I work away diligently

until a college calls me

and I take leave of you;

come out of my

daydream world

into my working reality,


6 thoughts on “Daydreaming of you

    • Hi Elle, thanks for the comment and glad you liked it, have just spent the last hour or more catching up with your blog, well don in almost finishing National poetry month, it is hectic, I did it last year, and having survived it, have written a poem almost every day since. I love your poetry and find your introduction to other poets very interesting, in South Africa one can’t get poetry books by most of these authors, though I have read Akhmatova, Olds , and Mandlestam, oh and Jack Kerouac, and men can take Viagra, but I choose not to, it either works or not, and my wife agrees with that! Best wishes and blessings, Charles.

      • You are most welcome, Charles. I always enjoy your words. I love that you spent time in my blog, it’s like spending time with me. You get to see and learn a little about who I am deep inside. Not that I am anyone special, but I am simply fascinated with the learning of people. I love to study people and know them deeply, so I always hope that people will do this with me as well.

        I didn’t realize you were in South Africa, what an exotic place to live! I’ve never visited. I can only imagine the sights and sounds and smells of the market spices.

        Those are some great poets indeed. I need to build a collection of them. Most of their works i’ve read sitting in bookstores or online.

        I’m sure you have no need at all for viagra, and even if and when you do, you’re still as spicy as every I bet 😉

        Best to you as well, my dear!

      • Elle , I’m sure you are some special, or you would not have such an interest in people and things. Thanks for the comment, stay well, have a creative day. Charles

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