Earth Day 🌳🌼🌴🌸🌵🌻 every day!!!

A wonderful Earth day, every day, with lots of thought provoking ideas, so please read, learn and enjoy.


   The 22 of April  has been nominated as Earth Day. To me, however,  each and every day should be Earth Day, so I’m celebrating it continually!  That’s why I’m posting this  now, although the 22nd has gone away… (oh, yes! I haven’t been totally lost in time yet!  😁)

   It is very easy for us humans to “pay our compliments” to Pachamama* continually:


 🔅 use eco-friendly power solutions

 🔅clean with eco-friendly detergents

🔅use non-toxic-to-the-environment chemicals

 🔅avoid spraying our food (fruit and vegetables)

ReThink-story 🔅reduce plastic packaging

 🔅avoid littering


 🔅plant trees in our neighbourhoods/towns/cities

 🔅 protect fauna and flora…

and so on…

 Here are 16 “natural wonders”, 16 must-sees (like Petra in Jordan, Ta Prohm Kel in Cambodia, Proxy falls in Oregon, etc) to  glorify😊 Pachamama once again:

  4c87b2bdcd66c0cdd05882efbe3261e5 I have also got  14 “Pictures of Extraordinary 😮Trees”  around the world for you ,  from the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC…

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