A light breeze played in the bushes;

all was calm and birds sang,

all rested fitfully on this warm autumn day,

then a car past in the road outside

backfiring hugely,

it startled all,

with hundreds of birds

rising in unison out

of the bushes and the trees

and flying away towards

the south west,

and I realized just how

fragile peace and quiet

is in this paradise of ours.


6 thoughts on “Fragility

  1. I had not thought of peace and quiet as fragile, it is isn’t it ?
    I do miss my peace of quiet these days, I long to go back to my small sacred space in perfect Solitude for me ….oh well I will go there in dreams
    Wonderful post Charles, Thank you for the thoughts, I will be more aware of how fragile they are
    Take Care…You Matter…

    • Hi Maryrose, perhaps for holidays you can return to your special place of peace, so that it is more than a dream. Thanks for the comment, it made me sit up and take note… see you matter too, best wishes and blessings, Charles.

      • Thank you for your thoughts but I am here for the long haul,
        I am taking care of my mom these days…

        Your post was such a wonderful thought process, I have it still spinning within my own thoughts 🙂
        Thank you again, and have a wonderful evening

  2. Hi Maryrose, have just finished a short parent looking after stint, shared with my sister, and cousin, unfortunately both of my parents are now dead, so am now back home in Cape Town (they lived in St. Albans, just North West of London). The backfire actually happened and I saw all the birds rising and flying off towards Cape Point, it seemed to be missing something, as just a description of what I had seen, so after walking to the fridge and getting out and eating a mini yogurt, I got the idea for the ending, which turned it into a good poem. Best wishes and blessings, Charles.

    • Hi Suzy, thanks for the comment, and great to hear from you again. Peace is indeed wonderful but very easily destroyed. Hope you are at peace and enjoying compiling the next e-zine, looking forward to it.

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