Shelter from the storm; Bob Dylan & Gimme shelter : Rolling Stones.

Last night I wrote a longish poem called shelter, and for most of the day my mind had been playing these two iconic songs, Shelter from the storm by Bob Dylan and Gimme shelter by the Rolling Stones, so thought I would share them with you. Both songs came at watershed periods for both Dylan and the Stones.

Shelter from the storm appeared on the 1975 LP Blood on the tracks, which came out just after Dylan conversion to Christianity, it had been a time of less activity from Dylan, so the LP was a comeback LP, and even though the LP was very well received by the critics, it did not get an enormous following, but this the one song that has become a big part of the Dylan mystique, and is still often played and used. It was a return to the earlier acoustic Dylan and was recorded in one sitting. So here it is enjoy it, and thanks to YouTube and hanshotfirst1138 for the recording:

The stones song Gimme shelter was written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, and came out on the Stones 1969 LP Let it bleed, and was a dark looked at those troubled times. The Stone were having troubles of their own with the suicide of Brian Jones, and the disaster of Altamont coming at that time. It is a very rough and ready song with female vocalist Merry Clayton sharing the vocals. Mick Jagger plays the harmonica over the top of the guitar riff’s of Keith Richards at start of the song. Enjoy this song, and thanks to YouTube and Iluvmusik for the recording :


2 thoughts on “Shelter from the storm; Bob Dylan & Gimme shelter : Rolling Stones.

    • Yes I seem to live back in those days in my head, rather better than now, but there is some good music beginning to come out again. Thanks for the comment, best wishes and blessings, Charles.

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