On writing at 2 am.

I am eating chocolate at two in the morning,

waiting for an idea to come into my mind

with my feet freezing; the rest of me warm

I am half asleep in this wooden chair

an ancient heir loom that I sit at each evening

I front of my computer reading all the blogs

that have come through that day and typing

my blog for the day.

It bring me joy, both to read and write the blog,

but makes sure I only get a few hours of sleep each day.

These late night sittings seem to be quite fruitful for

my imagination, with many metaphors painting the stories

and scenes that make up most of my poetry.

At this time of night The dark closes in round one

concentrating on the sights, smells and stories of the day,

of how we have mistreated the word and what

a plight it and we are in, and how we mistreat each other,

then there is music which plays such a big part in my life,

and the use of titles and words from songs that I know,

For tonight no ideas are coming, though the words

are accumulating into a poem about writing

a poem at 2 am in the morning,

and what it means to me.


11 thoughts on “On writing at 2 am.

    • Hi Paris, I was lucky enough to be told by the doctor that I should eat at least one square of dark chocolate per day, as it apparently helps with cholesterol, and I have a cholesterol problem. There aren’t many problems that doctors prescribe such delicious remedies. :-), so I chomp a square or two of chocolate every night. As to the poem I seem to have run out of poems, so just wrote what happened right then, and how it felt. Strange it has got the biggest number of likes of any blog of mine for a few weeks now. Best wishes, strength and blessings to you all, Charles.

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