And the band played on …

Whipping chords from the guitar

drive all wild, clapping along

to a happy day sing along song,

he’s barking words into a microphone

and the crowd roars encouragement,

as love hits the air

all begin to smile,

chanting love, peace, no rain,

as the guitar man

solos out in exited cries of sound,

and the drummer rolls through

his kit with great power,

and the crowd calls out for more

in between the love, peace, no rain call,

as the band stagger off stage smiling.


2 thoughts on “And the band played on …

    • Hi Chantal, thanks for the comment, and reading it, the line the quote starts from is actually a line from the chorus of Procal Harom’s song A whiter shade of pale, I will blog it this evening sob that you can enjoy this great song from the sixties. Best wishes and blessings, Charles.

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