Back at the sea.

It should be winter with driving rain lashing us from the northwest,

today however we drove around the mountains to Fish hook,

so that we could walk on the beach,

taking in the sunshine and warmth.

The clouds moved over, but still

we walked in hats and short sleeved summer shirts,

the sand cool, grainy below our feet;

lots of washed up sea weed and shells

we walked and talked,

watching dogs race in and out of the water,

chasing sticks their owner threw for them,

lots of boats sails taught in the breeze

racing across the horizon,

many seagulls, crying, swooping

over the water, so still and placid,

we turned walking back enjoying the

fresh sea smells and then there

were doves and pigeons as well,

who were so tame they landed

right on our table where we were enjoying

our coffee and cake.

How good it felt to be back at the sea.


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