Times running with the wind:

is it today or tomorrow,

is anybody out there,

under the sliver of moon

with clouds scurrying,

blotting out the stars;

the cold bights into the

soul of man,

who wait with hideous weapons

hiding in the fringe of uncertainty,

as we watch bullets fly

on endless TV news reports

and the trees keep falling,

the oceans rising,

and in India the temperature

in some towns goes over 50C,

people are dying,

I am freezing sitting bent

over my computer keyboard,

tapping away rhythmically

in the hope that these words appearing

will make some difference,

and I will master

the shooting time

of now and just now.

10 thoughts on “Time.

    • Thanks for the comment, yes I think an enormous change in mind is required, as the people who believe on theses lines are not powerful enough to change corporate and government decision making, but one day with enough good words and prayers will help people save the Earth, or I hope so. 🙂 best wishes and blessings, Charles.

      • It also takes considerable re-thinking what truly wields power in the long-term. It’s often the persistent, courageous, sometimes quiet things / people / initiatives. History gives us numerous examples. But by all appearances, the verbose, violent and defiant rule the day. Keep hoping for and working toward change.

      • Yes, thanks i think quietly there are victories all the time, but often we do not get to here about them, best wishes and blessings, Charles 🙂

  1. Yes, time is running! Dizzyingly! Feverishly.
    Taking time to formulate and share words, thoughts, observations, prayers is never a waste of time. One voice alongside another, and still another creates a mighty chorus that changes the trajectory of history. We must hope. Hope always!

    • Thanks, hope and prayer is our lives; They incorporate our writing, sometimes though it is a lonely existence, far removed from the problems they are trying to resolve, so one can’t always see the difference one is helping create. If enough people believed and wrote and prayed, we could all together make the world a better place. 🙂 Charles.

      • I understand this and agree. Hope, prayer, grace, courage––all the essence of who we are and long to be. It is a “lonely existence” ––one which must see farther, feel more keenly, run with more tenacity. It’s the essence of blazing the trail and inviting others to join, so we can be “together.” There is strength in unity. Thank you for your doing your part.

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