Bowed, neat, baton in hand:

Silence, as all wait in anticipation;

the hands rise, the down beat given;

sounds almost imperceptible,

but with an exiting rhythm starts

soon reaching the first heart breaking crescendo,

that breaks the melody line,

in a huge rhythmic pulse,

with the lonely figure out front

sweat poring off his forehead,

as he whips the orchestra

through the frenzy,

and the melody survives

on minute vibration of a reed,

beginning to build again

as a journey begins

with the movement

back towards the peace and tranquility

of that great melody in

the safe surrounds of its home key.

Then silence;

weeping the crowd as one

jump to their feet clapping wildly,

soothed into a feeling of ecstasy,

the conductor motions

the orchestra to their feet,

turns to bow, with sweat

running own his face,

and all are in harmony.


9 thoughts on “Harmony.

  1. I could visualize every moment! From the contained beginning to the exacting process and to the glorious, triumphant ending. Uniting all! Wonderfully done.

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