Sacred Ibis.

Birds flying high in the sky,

entering formation,

then out again,

I watch these beautiful

big black and white Sacred Ibis’s

flying towards the mountain,

there must be 30 to 40 of them,

what a grand display

against the dark clouds,

and the brooding mountains,

with the rain sifting down timidly.

The the Ibis’s are gone,

either landing in trees to

roost for the night,

or swallowed up by the darkness

of the mountains:

I walk on in the rain,

well dressed for the cold,

pleased that so many

of these great birds,

can see this place as home,

that there is space for us both,

and that it is not to barren

and polluted for them,

I walk home smiling,

my soul singing,

as I open the door

walking in wet,

but happy with my

time in the rain,

watching the nature around me.

Thanks to wikipedia for the image of this wonderful bird found up most of Africa.


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