Whose Truth?

This is a very well written and thought out piece on one of the very terrible problems in our society.

Life Matters

Photo credit: Getty Images

Why does she wrestle guilt and doubt daily? Is she who she says she is? Is she real? Authentic? Can she trust her own opinions and intuition, or would she do well to have someone else make decisions for her? Even small decisions send her into a heart-pounding tailspin—like what outfit to wear to the company party or what kind of take-out she wants on a Friday evening. She has no idea why. This debilitating self-scrutiny encroaches on her soaring career and strains the few relationships she has managed to retain.

With every passing day she becomes more unsure and therefore, more concerned about how to carry on. Maybe she should see a therapist. Maybe her priest. Maybe she truly is going crazy.

Or maybe she is going to hell.

At that thought, her entire body tenses and sweat pours from her forehead. Hell. For…

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