Time to write!

Sleepy, my head drops,

can’t afford this,

the world needs saving,

my wife needs a kiss and hug

the trees are coming down in their hundreds,

animals are being poached ,

the lights go off,

the seas and the rivers

full with pollution,

the weather is going through

changes, and becoming destructive,

the water level rises,

and we need peace,

to stop the slaughter of people,

so there must be time for

love, smiles good communication,

much togetherness and sharing,

so I am typing and not sleeping.


8 thoughts on “Time to write!

      • Ah thanks, am still using an ancient P.C., so have not made it far enough into the 21st century to know about such things, have a cell phone, but it is ancient, so can’t do that sort of thing. Well hearts and smileys, will do. Thanks ❤ 🙂 Charles.

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