Moving times

Excitement spreads through

the body and mind,

are we ready

to grab the new,

as it arises in

the cold night air,

and the realization

we are moving into the

the gradual climb of

the mountains,

we are now moving under

the elephants eye,

with trees of the woods

surrounding us.


6 thoughts on “Moving times

    • Hi, thanks, am about to move to Tokai, a great suburb in the forest just as the Constantiaberg starts to rise. The mountain here looks like the back of an elephant, I will live under a cave, called the elephants eye, so have been buying furniture, as the new house is bigger than our flat.Things coming together, so we will start moving on the 26th, may loose my computer line at that stage, until I can get a telephone line. Best wishes and blessings, Charles. 🙂

      • Your comment sent me doing a little research on your area. Fascinating.
        Wish you all the best for the move and all that this change means for you.

      • Thanks, hope it will be wonderful to be able to walk into the forest, and not have to drive there, I may have to be off line for a while, as there is no line to this house, and I will have to get another telephone number and line, so will have an enforced rest from blogging. This will happen around the 26th of June. Have a good weekend, best wishes and blessings, Charles 🙂

      • I wish you a successful move and be assured you will be welcomed back to the world of blogging when you’re all set up again.
        Have a lovely weekend yourself.

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