Poem of thanks.

Asleep in the chair,

I wake up and the courser

is still blinking at me at

the top of the page,

no words, no title,

so I start with words about

waking up and seeing the

dreaded courser,

then start to think of all

the problems that I should

be writing poems about,

to help the world be a

better place,

but think maybe it is

alright to write a poem

about another subject.

So thought I would thank all my blog

friends for all the support

they give to me,

and all of those very interesting

discussions we have,

both about your writings and mine,

the ideas you all feed me with,

that makes writing a poem every day possible.

Also in the forefront of my mind

and chats and time spent together

with my dear wife,

my muse,

the dear one that I

turn to for solace,

who reads my poems

loves them and pushes

me for more,

and to publish

a collection.

To you all

great admiration, love and blessings.


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