Summertime by George Gershwin.

One of the wonderful blogs that I follow (TheCrazyBagLady) did a great drawing the other day and mentioned Summertime, which reminded me of Gershwin’s great song. It is an aria from his opera Porgy and Bess, which is sung by the character Clara twice, once near the beginning of this folk Opera, and again towards the end. The Opera came out in 1935, and several of the other songs are well known, including A woman is a sometimes thing, My mans gone now, Headin’ for the Promised land , Oh I got plenty o’ nuttin’, Bes, you is my woman now and Oh, Lord, I’m on my way. the music is written by George Gershwin and the words Ira Gershwin and Dubose Heyward, who wrote the novel on which the opera is based (it was just called Porgy)

I looked for a version to blog( there are lots of them) but could not decide, so have chosen three different recordings, all of them live. There is Ella Fitzgerald singing it with the Tee Carson trio backing her in 1968, she keeps with the lullaby concept, and sings it softly, but with great craft and fealing, thanks to Youtube and bessjazz : . Then there is Janis Joplin’s rock version, showing all the power of her voice, and the great musicians of the Cosmic Blues Band, recorded live in 1968, thanks to YouTube and Enzo Gianvittoria, :  . Lastly there is a newer version by Norah Jones, playing a two piano jazzy version, with Marian McPartland recorded live on August 30th 2003 at the Tanglewood Jazz festival, thanks to YouTube and Westdens :


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