Youth Day.

Youth rampaging,

friends carry the limp body,

a nation weeps in pain.

Today is Youth day in South Africa, to commemorate the Soweto youth uprising, against having to learn in Afrikaans. These tragic events led to the intensification of the fight against Apartheid. Victor Pieterson was the first child to be shot and killed and I’m sure the picture of him being carried by his brother and sister haunt many to this day.


10 thoughts on “Youth Day.

    • A beautiful country beset by much cruelty and violence, still much mistrust, misunderstanding and fear. It was be a long time before we have a truly normal, great society. ❤ Charles.

    • It was along time ago, I was on my first trip to Europe, and was in Paris when it happened. But it was a very tragic and unnecessary event, which along with the Sharpville massacre, became central to the pains this country has had to endure. There is way to much Child abuse everywhere, people need to speak out against it. Best wishes and blessings, Charles.

      • Yes, I know the picture you mention with your post. It never loses its pathos! What strikes me is how little SOME things have changed. I’m grateful for every change, but as you say––there is so much to be done. Around the world. No one is immune. I’m grateful for every person who raises awareness and calls for justice and peace. Carry on!

      • Thanks, I think it is in my nature to carry on, it is amazing to think that even in 1st world countries like the States, there is still slavery, signed a petition about it not that long ago on Avaaz. 🙂 Charles.

      • Oh yes how true. Slavery and a deep seated slavery mentality. What is happening in the US at this moment is heartbreaking indeed. Injustice is happening at such a pace that it leaves us utterly broken. And yet needing to rise up and speak. Act. Stand in solidarity. We carry on!

      • Reminds me of that song that became such an anthem in the late 60’s and early 70’s: We shall overcome some day! Maybe I should blog that soon. 🙂 Charles.

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