We shall overcome. Bruce Springsteen.

A conversation with my friend and follower jpennerzook, ended with her writing we shall overcome, which reminded me of the protest song popularized by Pete Seeger during the late ’60’s, and written in 1900 by Charles Tiddley (then called I will overcome some day). He used a pre- Civil war melody to put the words to. It was used as a spiritual, until it was co-opted into the protest movement, and taken up by folk singers such as Pete Seeger. I was hoping to find the version sung at the end of the film the last waltz, with all the performers on the stage with the Band singing the song, which was an end of epoch version, but could not find it, so have turned to one of my favorite Bruce Springsteen LP’s, called We shall over come a tribute to Pete Seeger. The LP is mostly acoustic, and uses folk performers gathered from New York and New Jersey in 1992, where they reinterpret Seeger’s music, including this song, it was Springsteen’s 14th studio LP. Listen to it, as it is great, in the meantime here is Springsteen’s version of We shall overcome, thanks to YouTube and Spadecaller : 

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