Back online; at last!

I have moved to a wonderful house situated in the curve of the mountains, but in the the valley, full of trees and birds, who quite like my little garden, so there are bird songs to be heard all day. We have two toilets, the en suit with bath and shower, the guest one with shower, two bedrooms, a hallway, lounge dining room. kitchen, scullery and double garage. it also has a little shack separate from the house in the garden ( a writing space!) and a study in which he computer is set up, which I use for reading and writing. It was a stressful time, with a few hitches, but here i am still smiling, and happy to be back, and to able to read all your wonderful pieces. I am out of practice, but will try get back to writing a poem a day from tomorrow.

13 thoughts on “Back online; at last!

    • Hi Mary, thanks, hope you have been keeping well, and enjoying yourself. The house is wonderful, but oh what a lot of work and worrying moving is. Still have about 40 boxes to unpack! Best wishes and blessings, Charles

    • Hi Danica, hope you have been well, the house is wonderful; but oh dear, what a lot of work and worry moving is, still have about 40 boxes to unpack! Best wishes an\d blessings, Charles.

  1. Congratulations Charles!! Moving is terribly stressful, so well done for surviving it! A friend of mine has just done a major move, as her husband of 94 ( a lot older than herself) is becoming very frail. Their own home was all wrong for them and needed so much modernisation which would have been impossible while they were living there (better to sell it and let someone younger fix it all). I’m amazed, considering their health problems that they made the move, but determination can achieve a lot!

    I hope you and your wife will be very happy and blessed in your new home. Mountains, trees and birds – my goodness, sounds wonderful!! 😀

    • Hi Suzy, yes moving is a major thing, which we have managed to get through. We are still unpacking boxes, and getting some of the systems going, when I managed to get my computer up and running, I had 19000 new emails to deal with – I almost turned off my computer and ran for cover, but decided to persevere, which I am pleased about. However we are settling in well, but it is difficult to get things done as I work all day, but even there we are moving forwards, over the weekends. Thanks for the comment, and hope the e mag is going well, it must almost be time to bring a new one out. Best wishes and blessings, Charles.

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