My new home.

New sounds abound

here in my sylvan home;

birds happily singing,

water running,

frogs sounding forth,

oh what a joy

to walk in the trees,

and through all the fynbos,

and see all the happy faces.


8 thoughts on “My new home.

  1. Charles – you and Gennie have moved – but it doesn’t sound as though you’ve moved far May you be very happy there – your writing today – the joy comes through!

    Les xxxx

    • Hi Lesley, thanks for the comment, and hope you are all well. I have moved a bit further up towards the mountain, to a two bedroom and one study house, with lounge, dining room. kitchen, two loos a scullery, two garages, a gated off road parking and a nice sized garden in Tokai, which is very nice, so am enjoying it. Best wishes and blessings, Charles.

    • Thanks, i am slowly settling in, though there are still boxes to unpack (mainly books,Cd’s and DVD’s, also busy getting my little town house ready for sale. Sorry I have not sent any work in lately, but am very busy and very tired. Best wishes and blessings, Charles.

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