On attending live music

All is still,

the players enter

in unison as directed,

and the audience

soaks up the waves of sound

floating away on the melody

feeling the journey

back to home key,

and the relief of live music

pouring over and through one,

ending in a great happiness

and clapping of a great live performance.


2 thoughts on “On attending live music

    • Thanks Charlotte, I love my live music, there is some how just nothing like it, but have not have that many opportunities lately. I used to play in rock bands as a drummer in the early seventies, the kind of thing that critics wrote “what they lack in talent they make up for in shear enthusiasm and exuberance. I no longer play, but follow all sorts of music and dance. One of my first experiences of live music was my father taking us to the city hall in Cape Town on New Years eve for a concert given by the Cape Town Symphony Orchestra, probably in about 1962, when I was about 4. My mother had made me a suit with a white shirt and tie, so I looked really dinky, but it was a bit scratchy. I remember enjoying the music, and the every stood up, as did I, the conductor stood up, razed his arms with a swish the orchestra started playing a great tune, and every one started to sing, I had never heard the song, so sang what I thought they were singing, which was of cause Auld Lang’s ein (not sure of spelling) I however was singing with great gusto “You kick the old man up the eye”. Have a great time, Charles.

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