Waitron Boogie.

Three waitrons, with not much to do,

started practicing their dance moves,

to a piece of music that they liked;

one set of hips went this way and then that,

the next one disagreed

and moved her hips in a different way,

soon all three were so caught up in the music

that they did not realize they had an audience,

as the hips, legs and bodies swayed vigorously

to the music,just as quickly they stopped

rushing off to serve their tables.


2 thoughts on “Waitron Boogie.

    • My wife Genevieve and I went to have a coffee at a local restaurant, the three waitresses ( called waitrons in South Africa, so as not to denote gender) they were very board, and started discussing their dance moves, and ended up dancing for a short time, before rushing off to serve their tables. Was rather fun. Uncle, shoe, that makes me feel rather ancient! I’m sure Charles is fine as a term of address. Best wishes and blessings, Charles.

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