Red moon hanging.

I fell asleep in my new reading chair;

waking at 4 I looked out of the windows,

one by one, but at seeing clouds and no moon,

I decided it was to cloudy to see the eclipse,

so went to bed and went back into a deep sleep.

Meanwhile my wife Genevieve woke up,

sat eating some chocolate and looking out

the various windows,

eventually as she paired out of the last window

towards the mountain there it was the red moon,

huge, hanging over the mountains,

part almost black the other part a bright red,

she stood transfixed at the sight,

then came back to bed to tell me,

but alas I was fast asleep and missed this incredible sight,

another friend said it was strange, as the birds started singing

at four in the morning in the dark,

but I am none the wiser as I was fast asleep!


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