I walked out on a warm afternoon,

the mountain half in cloud

and half in sunshine,

with pockets of light

streaming out of the clouds,

the wind was rustling

the leaves of the trees,

keeping me cool,

as I walked with

our weeks recycling

up to the recycling depot,

and all the while an

almost imperceptible

drizzle fell, it was so faint,

that it did not wet me or my glasses,

it was almost fine enough to be a mist,

but a slight bit heavier,

what my granny would have called a mizzle,

but how reviving it was,

even the birds were out singing.

PS. word-check doesn’t like the word mizzle!


14 thoughts on “Mizzle

    • Yes, I think it is, our Grand parents always had such wonderful words and ideas to share, just a pity that we were not in a position to accept them. Been enjoying your daily blog, today’s one I know have had it happen, but we are slowly working out the glitches, and understanding and appreciating each other more and more. Best wishes and blessings, Charles.

    • Thanks Janet, I like the word too, if my grandmother could use it then why can’t we. Our Grandmothers were such a great store of stories, information and unusual words, what a pity so many of them died before we could really appreciate all this wisdom. Best wishes and blessings, Charles.

      • I agree. I have overseen the care of my now 94 year old mother for several years, and it has been wonderful to listen to her stories that I might never have known about. Such a wealth of knowledge and information….Janet.

      • I think this happens a great deal…I was also very fortunate to have both grandmothers still alive into my twenties….I didn’t realise how fortunate I was until I got older!:)

      • Yes, I lost my Grandparents on my fathers side before I was five, so hardly remember either of them. I think it is all to easy to take ones grandparents for granted. 🙂 Charles.

    • Hi Suzy, hope all has been going well with you, and nice to see you back, i don’t know if another of your e mags has come out, as my wife was very ill, so have not really been here on the blog that much of late. I think it is a great word that my grandparents used a lot, but not allowed by spell check! It seems our grandparents had a lot of good and useful information, stories and words, but they die before we could really appreciate this. I think up and use knew words all of the time, many of them by accident. Best wishes and blessings, Charles.

      • Sorry to hear about your wife being ill, I hope she finds herself in a better place very soon….sending virtual hugs Charles!! 🙂

        The November/December issue of The Writing Garden should be up in about a week.

      • Thanks for the thoughts, Genevieve is getting a bit stronger each day, and gets up for a bit longer each day. looking forward to the new issue. Best wishes and blessings, Charles.

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