Teasing and bullying, and a new world in the morning.

Tease, tease, tease

I must rush away so that

the bully does not make

the teasing worse with a few

thundering punch (just for fun)

it’s sport my friend,

don’t worry it will make you tough.

Hurting in the back rooms,

hoping for the next class,

so that the teasing will stop,

but no; the teacher, says

Yes, Mr. Elffers, I’m pleased to see

you are playing more sport this year,

at least you will be fit enough to

make a good road sweeper,

and they all laugh,

shouting names at me,

I smile foolishly hoping

to laugh with them,

and that the day would be done.

the scars are deep inside,

where one wonders of ones worth

and these pains and scars holds you back,

so that it is difficult to realize ones goals,

As I came to accept these tribulations,

I began to help others in similar situations,

and when talking at schools to ask

the children to remember

to always laugh with others,

not against other,

not to talk behind each others backs,

and never to tease or bully others.

I helped several women who had

been beaten by boyfriends,

and had managed to leave

them before it got to bad,

two of them had also ended up

suffering from eating disorders

brought about by men telling them

they were over weight,

oh why do people haven to be so cruel,

lets build a better more caring society.


12 thoughts on “Teasing and bullying, and a new world in the morning.

  1. Excellent and Insightful. You’ve captured the dilemma of the adult who was a child who had to normalize the systemic bullying of the community. The suppression and exclusion of ‘difference’ starts early; especially when the difference in a boy is intelligence and a creative gifts. It was James Baldwin who said, ““It is very nearly impossible to become an educated person in a country so distrustful of the independent mind.”

    • Hi Robert, thanks for reading and commenting on the poem, which I wrote for the Artists for Peace blog, as they asked for poems, writing and art on child and women abuse and for bullying and teasing. Having written this piece I had quite an internal argument as to whether I should post it or not. In the end, I am pleased I did. I love the James Baldwin quotation that you ended your comment with. I was dyslectic, and at the time this problem was not know over here, after failing several times at school, I was sent to the State psychologist, who reported that I had a dangerous low IQ, and would never fit into society, and society would never except me, so he ordered that i was to spend the rest of my life in a penitentiary. My mother and father fort him, and won, so I was not committed. Teacher saw me as lazy, indolent and a trouble maker!

      • I’m left handed and was tested by a ‘guidance counselor in Charleston SC who said I had a low IQ. My Grandmother, quite accurately I think, dismissed him as an Anti-Semite and had me tested in New York by people who knew how to test around dyslexia and as it turns out I was very bright but dyslexic.

        The computer is a real blessing because it helps me to by pass the dyslexia almost completely…

        It was good that your Mother was a fighter.

      • Yes, the computer is a blessing, and it underlines in red often, and yes it was a life saver that my mother was a fighter. Thanks for the comment, best wishes and blessings, Charles

  2. Thank you for sending this in to Artists4Peace. I know it was sent in after the October post due to circumstance but glad you still sent it. Posting today 🙂 Best wishes to you and Gen 🙂

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    • Hi Cheryl-lynn, hope you are well, and thank you very much for re-blogging this poem, which it took quite a lot of soul searching before I finally managed to write it. Hopefully it will be helpful to others, and your re-blogging will help open it up to a wider audience. By the way, I am sorry, but I seem to have spelled your name wrongly in my thank you from your excellent blog. Best wishes and blessings, Charles.

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