Pulling weeds coming up
through the pavement
outside my house,
slowly brings back
the look of grandeur,
making some really good
material for my compost heap,
which soon will be used
for my vegetable garden.
I felt so good working
out in the shade,
with the slight breeze
catching me to keep things cool,
seeing the sidewalk magically
reappear from under the huge
growth of untidy weeds.


8 thoughts on “Weeding.

    • Thanks Sona, I have often misread words as well, I remember going into central Cape Town with my father, and looking up saw Toilet all over the place, so told my father it appeared to be city with many public toilets, he looked a bit surprised and asked what I meant, and I point out all the Toilet signs, he laughed and said it says To let! As for Wedding, yes i had a wonderful one 7 years ago to my wonderful wife Genevieve. Best wishes and blessings, Charles.

      • Hahaha…. ya correct… that word often creates an illusion….
        Oh.. same pinch; we both had our wedding 7yrs ago…. U know eyes-eyes wedding 🙂

      • What a coincidence, My wife and I were both 50 at the time. It was quite a year of changes for me, I moved home from Johannesburg to Cape Town, started a new job, bought a new house and got married all in the same year. You see they say life begins at 50! Stay well, best wishes and blessings, Charles.

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