Shifting in the silence
of the night,
writing or sleep,
moving into new
thoughts on life
working through nature
towards a new understanding,
getting more rest,
or to write,
but; ah the words appear,
the thoughts evolve,
the story is told:
Tomorrow the dilemma
continues at work,
and then at home
when we slowly
build our new lives
in this leafy glade.

6 thoughts on “Directions.

    • Yes, thanks for the comment; out here we tend to say in Afrikaans for some reason, Ja wel, more is ‘n ander dag (Yes well, tomorrow is another day)Another favourite that we say in Afrikaans, is Onkruit vergaan nie (Weeds never die) and a Kan nie dood nie (Something that just goes on and on) My last car was a kan nie dood nie. I enjoyed writing the poem, it just came! Best wishes and blessings, Charles.

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